At the Agricultural Show, a chaotic opening

The Agricultural Show opened on Saturday February 24 in an electric atmosphere. Points of tension are multiplying between the police and the farmers, to the point that the opening to the public had to be postponed, while Emmanuel Macron received the union organizations.

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While, in the aisles, farmers scandalized “Macron’s resignation”the head of state could give up on inaugurating the Agricultural Show. “Since day one I have been alongside our farmers, tried to defend the President of the Republic during a press conference after the meeting with the unions, in front of the cameras. Together, in recent years, we have made major advances in a crisis of confidence, income and recognition. » However, “we must be both humble and lucid, we will not respond to the agricultural crisis in a few hours. It will not be resolved today or during the show.”

Surrounded by the Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fesneau, and his delegate minister, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Head of State called for “this show is going well, peacefully”. Mr. Macron announced that the agricultural bill, postponed several times, would be presented to the Council of Ministers on March 20. “I made a commitment this morning, here, firstly before the trade union organizations, to recognize our agriculture and our food as a major general interest of the French nation. This will be enshrined in law, which will protect our agriculture in a firm and solid manner”he explained. “In three weeks, I will bring together all the trade union organizations and agricultural sectors to consolidate emergency measures and French and European commitments”to launch an agricultural plan by 2040, promised the Head of State.

Just before his arrival, the president of the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA), Arnaud Rousseau, said he wanted to reserve for him “a republican welcome”, even if whistles were distributed to the activists present. Activists from the Rural Coordination were also present. Friday February 23, the union organized a tractor parade in Paris to Place Vauban near Les Invalides. A few hundred farmers were therefore waiting for Emmanuel Macron in front of the official entrance on Saturday morning.

It was the straw that broke the camel’s back”

But the head of state entered the living room, not yet open to the public, shortly before 8 a.m., without passing in front of the farmers who were waiting for him there. He went straight to the breakfast organized with the union representatives. The farmers, dissatisfied, began to whistle and boo the head of state and managed to force their way into the salon. The security service was quickly overwhelmed, and a group of CRS entered hall 1, where the muse cow is located and where the official inauguration was to take place. The anger of the demonstrators erupted. The police tried to channel them, while they kept repeating: ” We are at home. » Between clashes and arrests, the tension was high.

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