despite the incidents, Gérald Darmanin asks the police to refrain from “intervening at blocking points”

Faced with the threat of “siege of Paris” brandished by the farmers, Monday January 29, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin must try to resolve a complex equation. First, to spare a corporation with a strong power of nuisance, whose demands are also favored by public opinion. Then, contains any risk of overflow twenty-four hours before the general policy speech of the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, scheduled the next day before the National Assembly. Finally, neutralize any danger of a conflagration, synonymous with a lastingly rooted security crisis which mobilized law enforcement in large numbers a few months before the Olympic Games.

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Sunday evening, after a meeting of the interministerial crisis unit, Mr. Darmanin once again insisted on the instructions for “moderation” issued to the police, who must refrain from“intervene on blocking points” and rather work on them ” to secure “. If this “defensive device” is not known in detail, 15,000 police and gendarmes should be deployed in order to prevent any asphyxiation of large cities. The images of the mobile gendarmerie armored vehicles filmed during their deployment near the Rungis international market (Val-de-Marne) acted as a demonstration of force and several red lines were also drawn: not only at Rungis, food supply point for the Paris region, but also around the main airports of Ile-de-France such as Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly, as well as at entry points into Paris.

Since the start of the crisis, Mr. Darmanin has been experimenting with the subtleties of the theory of de-escalation, which consists of preventing any risk of incidents during law enforcement operations by focusing on appeasement rather than on martial declarations. A discovery. Thursday January 25, invited on the TF1 television news set, the Minister of the Interior thus assumes that he does not want to respond “ to suffering (farmers) when seeing CRS », as hundreds of tractors and other agricultural engines blocked entire stretches of highway.

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The precedent of the “yellow vests”

“Are they attacking public buildings, are they setting fire to public buildings? This is not the case “, he then justified himself. Since then, premises of the Gard customs service have been set on fire in Nîmes, the parking lot of a Leclerc Drive damaged in Clermont-l’Hérault (Hérault) and the buildings of the regional department of the environment, planning and housing (Dreal) literally blown away by an explosion in Carcassonne (Aude) – inscriptions from the Wine Action Committee were found on site.

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