Does buying back quarters allow you to leave before age 64?

Question to an expert

I would like to retire before the minimum age, can I achieve this by purchasing quarters from my fund?

Active people buying back quarters from their basic pension fund generally do so to bring forward their retirement. Indeed, this redemption can make it possible to obtain the full rate sooner, the key to a non-minor pension (basic and supplementary). Another interest often sought: the deduction of the sums paid from the taxable income base.

Be careful, however: the quarters purchased in this way cannot lead you to receive your retirement pensions before the legal age, which was set at 64 years old by the last pension reform for the 1968 and following generations.

These quarters will also not count to assess your eligibility for the early departure scheme for a long career (which allows those who started working early to count from the age of 58, under certain conditions), unless the redemption was made before the October 13, 2008.


On the other hand, a buy-back of quarters can allow you to benefit from the premium (increase in the basic pension) if you ultimately choose to continue your activity after having validated the number of quarters required for your generation.

Please note: if a redemption carried out before April 15, 2023 has become unnecessary due to changes in regulations (pension reform), you can request a refund to your fund before April 2025. Please note, the redemption of quarters does not result in the request for automatic retirement.

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