SNCF limits the number of bags on board TGV InOui, under penalty of fines of 50 euros from September

The SNCF has changed its baggage policy on board TGV InOui since the 15th. The French National Railway Company now imposes a maximum of two large bags and one hand baggage per person, announced a spokesperson for the railway group , Thursday February 22.

Travelers, who until now had the obligation “to be able to carry all of their (their) luggage “will now be allowed to take two suitcases or bags measuring 70 cm × 90 cm × 50 cm maximum and one smaller bag measuring 30 cm × 40 cm × 15 cm.

The information, revealed by Le Figaro Wednesday, sparked many negative reactions on social networks. Especially since the measure was deployed last Thursday, on the eve of a strike which canceled one in two mainline trains during a school holiday weekend in part of the country.

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Fine of 50 euros

“The baggage policy remains the same as before”made it clear to Agence France-Presse, a spokesperson for the SNCF, “but the rules were not always clear and there could be abuses so we will have more precise and objective rules”, he added. Until now, the clearly decreed baggage restrictions only concerned the TGV Ouigo, low-cost trains, without a bar car and where the ticket is not refundable. “Our customers but also our agents find themselves confronted either with safety problems on board (falling suitcases) or with traffic difficulties”also defended the SNCF.

In the event of non-compliance, a fine of 50 euros is imposed. Several special items of baggage are still authorized to be transported as baggage, such as strollers, scooters, musical instruments or even skis, snowboards and bicycles stored and folded in a bag. The SNCF gives users until September 15 to familiarize themselves with this measure before issuing fines.

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